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Buy a whole case and we will ship it to you for *FREE! Yes, you read that right. If you purchase 12-750mL bottles or 6-1.5L bottles, (3L boxes not included) we will ship it absolutely FREE, (*$15/case for CA, CO, ID, NM, OR, WY and WA). The promo will not show on your web order but will be applied when the order is processed.

S & H based on a 750ml case
California 12 750ml btls $44.00
Colorado 12 750ml btls $36.00
Florida 12 750ml btls $35.00
Georgia You must provide a proof of age before your order will be processed. Addition information will be given when you have completed your order. 12 750ml btls $35.00
Idaho 12 750ml btls $44.00
Iowa 12 750ml btls $28.00
Louisiana 12 750ml btls $35.00
New Mexico 12 750ml btls $36.00
New York 12 750ml btls $27.00
North Carolina 12 750ml btls $27.00
Maine 12 750ml btls $27.00
Maryland 12 750ml btls $27.00
Michigan 12 750ml btls $27.00
Minnesota 12 750ml btls $35.00
Missouri 12 750ml btls $28.00
Oregon 12 750ml btls $44.00
Tennessee 12 750ml btls $28.00
Texas 12 750ml btls $36.00
Washington 12 750ml btls $44.00
Washington DC 12 750ml btls $27.00
West Virginia 12 750ml btls $27.00
Wisconsin 12 750ml btls $28.00
Wyoming 12 750ml btls $36.00
These are average delivery times as determined by UPS for their standard ground shipments. While Bully Hill strives to provide an efficient delivery process, we can not be responsible for delays once your package is turned over to our delivery carrier. Please understand that all wine shipments require and adult signature, three attempts will be made before your wine is returned, Additional shipping charges may apply if your purchase is returned and reshipped.
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